Drawing On Inspiration

We are all inspired by many things, a gorgeous sunrise or sunset, stunning beaches, the beauty in others, a great movie, beautiful music, quotes and roles models. They are important in our lives because they inspire us to be more than we can ever imagine on our own. They give us clues on what we should be doing and give us the courage to believe that what we want is possible. Where do you draw your inspiration from?

  1. What are your favourite books and why?
  2. What are your favourite quotes?
  3. What music moves your soul?
  4. What movies stir your emotions?
  5. Who are your role models, your heroes and heroines?
  6. What places inspire you?

Knowing where you draw your inspiration from can give you the courage you need to take the next step in your life.  And the best part is that they are always there to draw upon when you need inspiration.

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Dianne Gaudet writes to inspire readers. She speaks to motivate positive change. She coaches Boomers to get the most our of their retirement life. Dianne is the author of Piece by Piece: A journey from perfection to authenticity, and If There Are No Limits… A guide to living with passion, purpose and possibilities. Find more information at: or follow me on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.