Appreciating The Lessons In The Milestones Of Life

Taking a look at what you’ve accomplished in your entire lifetime may feel a bit daunting, but it’s amazing what you can learn by doing just that. These milestones are rites of passage that show how you’ve grown. They also show how much you’ve learned and how far you’ve come.  It’s not uncommon to remember very little about your childhood when you begin this exercise, but in fact, you remember more than you think when you start looking back. To make it more manageable, break the milestones into chunks of life.

  1. Start jotting down all that you remember about your childhood until the age of 18 – the Toddler years, Primary school, Junior High school, High school. Think about your friends, family traditions, religious milestones, first crush, sports, awards, etc.
  2. Now think about your early adulthood, from 19-35. Think about best friends, new friends, family events, college, your first apartment, your job, your first real love, marriage or children. There may even have been world events that impacted you profoundly as well.
  3. Now that you’ve done the hardest work by looking way back, think of all the significant milestones from your mid-thirties to today.

Seeing your own timeline unfold is a wonderful reminder of just where you’ve been, how far you’ve come and what you’ve accomplished, isn’t it?  You’ll continue to surprise yourself with how much you do remember. Don’t be surprised if new recollections pop up in your mind over the next several days or weeks. Keep adding to your timeline as you remember events.