The Roles and Events That Shape Our Lives

On any given day we play several roles at once. We can learn a great deal about ourselves by looking at these roles. The typical roles include relationships with others such as your Mother, Father, Spouse, Daughter, Brother. Professional roles might be Leader, Coach, Technician, Administrator, Nurse, Volunteer or Student. When  the roles you fill fit well in your life, you experience a higher level of satisfaction and meaning.

  1. What roles do you currently play at home?
  2. What roles do you play at work today?
  3. Which ones are deeply satisfying?
  4. What roles would your like to stop playing?
  5. Given a choice and time permitting, what other roles would you like to play?

Your past is enriched by these roles and also by the life and work  experiences that have shaped you. These experiences have either shaped your life in positive ways or shaken you to the very core. Some events may have been thrust upon you and may have had a deep impact on your life.  An example of such an event may be divorce, the death of a loved one, serious illness or tragedy. They may have changed the course of your life in ways you never imagined. These events, however difficult, teach valuable lessons at the same time that they leave lasting impressions on your soul.

  1. Looking back at the top 3 positive events of your life, how did these events shape who you are today?
  2. How did the difficult events in your life impact and shape who you are?
  3. Which events provided fresh insights, new lessons and wisdom that you now draw upon as strengths?