The Heroine’s Journal

If you could take a peek at your heroine’s personal journal, what would you find? I bet you would find an inspiring journal and a package of colourful pens and pencils, tucked away in a special place.

It seems right that if we are to start our own heroine’s journey the first thing we need are the same tool as our heroine. Think of your journal as a blank canvas to create your future self. The action of putting pen to paper is powerful and brings clarity to the jumbled thoughts that occupy the mind, especially in this incessant, on-demand world we live in. It lets your creativity flow uncensored and acts as a form of feedback analysis from you to you, like a mirror reflecting back.

In this journal, you can pretend, without risks, try things on and dream big about what you picture yourself doing. You can dare yourself to admit, “Yes I can do this.” The act of making your ideas visible is the beginning of a promise to yourself to reach for your full potential. Select a journal that will inspire your best work. Make it elaborate or keep it simple. It’s yours to create, your own work of art.